Nelson's BarbershopIn 2001 I began a new adventure & entered the world of the hair salon. After a short tour at a trendy downtown salon, I retired my brush, color bowl & blow-drier and traded them for a set of electric clippers, drawer of combs, buttoned down atmosphere and set off into the almost forgotten world of the men’s barbershop…

…In 2005 I took over the reigns of a classic village barbershop just outside Madison in Deerfield WI; ironically enough on, “Nelson’s Original Plat”, which by many accounts has been the site of a local barbershop for 100 years.

For nearly ten years now, I have wielded my shears and honed my craft on a vast array of people of all ages and backgrounds; from a child’s first haircut to gentlemen, who remember the events of yesteryear but can’t remember ever sitting in a different barber-chair, it has been an experience far beyond just cutting hair and one I look forward to continuing.

The goal of Nelson’s Barbershop is to offer quality haircuts and products at a reasonable price, accompanied with that classic local familiarity. I look forward to continuing to serve my loyal friends and clients as well as welcoming new friends and clients!

– Jesse