We DO NOT accept returns on any shaving implement or item which can be determined by its actual or potential contact with tissue or blood. These would include the following:

  • straight razors
  • safety razors / beard & mustache razors
  • shaving brushes
  • soaps & creams

It does not matter if an item is claimed to be unused, I have no way of validating that. It’s a matter of the potential for transmitted pathogens.

I know, that sucks, but would you like to receive a razor that had been returned from some random person and subsequently used to fill your order? I think this speaks to itself.  It is really the only way to assure you and I that these implements are in perfect sanitary order.

*Manufacturing defects: These are another story and will be accepted and dealt with on a case by case basis. Please contact me to discuss issues relating to possible manufacturing defects.


All packages will ship via USPS and I will make every attempt to ship out orders the same day they are received (or the following day if received after 230 pm cst.)                                                                                  Caveat:  I do not normally ship on Monday’s as I am not in or near the shop where all product and shipping takes place; in this instance, packages will go out first thing on Tuesday morning.

A Word on Pricing:

All attempts will be made to price products as competitively as possible; However, try as I may, it is nearly impossible for me to always be the rock bottom, low-low cost retailer in cyber-land. I’m a one man operation who puts in 40+ hours in the barbershop per week and an untold number of hours outside the shop snapping product photos, editing and posting said photos, writing descriptions, product research and webmaster duties. It’s a large undertaking to tackle when weighing the time + minimal margins, and pointless to do if I am going to match “Warehouse Razors” prices; I just cannot justify it. Frankly, most of the other retailers out there can sell the very same products for what my cost is. Its that simple.

Variances of materials:

Razors with horn and wood handles can vary in color and grain. If you would like a photo of what is currently in-stock, please contact me. I would be happy to text-pic or email your a photo. This helps save hours and hours of shooting, editing, posting and then tearing down the entire works once a razor with variations comes in.

Razors with material like: celluloid, faux tortoise, mother of pearl and micarta are mostly carbon copies of one-another.