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Welcome to The Chair, where you’ll find anything from customer testimonials to discussions of topical interests and buttoned down & local gossip, and all the way over to high end luxury shave gear and fine import products from around the world.  Nelson’s Barbershop is your exclusive location for a great haircutting and barber experience.  Indeed A Local Classic!

As a newbie coming from a long-term relationship with my Gillette Sensor then Mach 3, I was always curious about the world of DE and Straight razor shaving.  Being a designer I think what first drew me in was the solid quality and classic lines of the Merkur razors.  I like things that last, objects that you can get used to over time and in turn they become a part of your routine, your story.  Setting my crosshairs on the Merkur family, I reached for the 178 /34C Heavy Duty for all of the above reasons. What put me over the edge was the amount I would be saving on blade refills, given that (here in Europe) the mach3 refills are around 4$ each versus 20 cents per DE blade, which presumably will last longer.

My first time out with the Merkur was a flawless test-run to say the least.  I had scraped my face up with the mach3 and its remaining cartridge the previous night so technically I had a clean shave (as per my prior understanding to what this signified).  Loading up my brush with a good lather, I began with the shiny new German razor, which btw has a great handle with textured pattern for superior grip, first with the ‘grain’ then against.  I was so impressed at how the weight of the razor really does all the work, and mine was to merely position the razor in a similar way to how I held the old Gillette.  Furthermore, it was incredible how much stubble the 178 was able to find and remove, even after I had taking it down the night before.  So long story short, I guess I had never really shaved before this, and now what used to be an annoying chore has become one of my favorite rituals.  If your looking for a quick shave you can get away with a disposable or other, but if you want an experience to enhance your day, pick up one of these Merkurs from NBS and change your life.  I am really looking forward to more products from NBS in the future and I highly recommend this razor for beginners, as the learning curve is pretty short.  Also given its build quality and smooth handling potential I imagine you seasoned DE fans out there would enjoy it as well.  I will be trying to convince my brother to pick up one of these as well, for the quality that you get the prices is a bargain and the value is through the roof. – Thanks NBS – A. Gafner